Concentration is defined as the conscious focus of attention on a defined activity, on achieving a short-term goal, on solving a task or on a specific person.

If you concentrate on something specific, this act represents a mental effort. This is comparable to a physical effort. After a certain individual time, the performance decreases.

But if a person is still unable to concentrate on something with great effort, because their thoughts are constantly wandering or external influences repeatedly demand attention, there is a concentration disorder or weakness of concentration. While a disorder is usually of shorter duration and resolved after some time, the weakness is a more far-reaching problem since the lack of concentration occurs permanently and is sometimes like a disease. ADHD / ADD or an overactive thyroid are among the most serious conditions that promote or cause poor concentration.

However, concentration difficulties can have far-reaching reasons. These can be both psychological and physical in nature. Probably the best known are stress, lack of sleep and burnout as reasons for poor concentration. Excessive demands at school, in college or in professional life can also have a significant impact on concentration. Depressed people are also very often affected by difficulty concentrating and can usually not focus on a particular thing for too long. In addition, however, various deficiency states in the body also cause a concentration disorder or weakness, especially a serotonin deficiency, melatonin deficiency, zinc deficiency, magnesium deficiency and similar deficiencies.

But even a healthy person sometimes needs a concentration booster. There are situations that cannot be influenced or postponed. The most common are fixed deadlines, for example at work or at university. The date of an exam or the submission date for homework can usually not be postponed unless you submit a medical certificate – and even then, the problem is only postponed, not solved.

Some only need a motivation boost from time to time, others may have permanent problems focusing on their tasks. Synthetic drugs often only provide limited help and usually also have undesirable side effects. In addition, drugs often only fight or numb the symptoms – but the cause remains unchanged in many cases.

The pressure in our society seems to be increasing with each year. Unfortunately, more and more people are resorting to prescription drugs and / or illegal drugs. This group no longer only includes students, but also people who are under great professional pressure, such as doctors, lawyers, or managers. Sometimes even exhausted working parents resort to such measures.

Often not only Ritalin and Adderall, but also speed and cocaine are misused as concentration boosters. This is not the right way and destroys brain cells and many other body cells in the long term. There are numerous natural alternatives that can increase concentration and improve attention without abusing drugs. The power of nature provides us with everything we need for our body – we just need to know where we can find which activating remedies.

In 2008, the German Employee Health Insurance Fund (DAK) commissioned a study to find out how many people had used illegal or prescription drugs at least once to improve their performance. It was five percent of the respondents! The same study was carried out again in 2015 and the result had risen to 6.7 per cent! Therefore, the problem doesn’t decrease, it just gets bigger. And it causes more and more addiction problems. It is all the more important to focus on natural concentration boosters because most people have not heard of many of these little helpers.

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