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Losing weight can be challenging – everyone who has tried it knows that. Crash or extreme diets are actually the wrong way anyway, because for long-term weight loss and to keep your shape, the diet must be adapted and optimised. Since people are creatures of habit and face the challenge of restructuring important parts of their lives when changing their diet, weight loss is often not an easy task.

Some people are always looking for little helpers which can support them in losing weight and which can help them to stay lean in the long term. Hopefully by now most people are aware that there is no magic potion for weight loss. False advertising promises unfortunately misuse customers’ hopes and their trust.

But in almost every diet there are still a few things to optimise. Spices can be particularly good helpers for a healthy weight loss and a permanent slim line.


You may have heard that stress can make you fat or keep you fat. This is due to the stress hormone cortisol, which causes your blood sugar level to rise rather rapidly. High cortisol levels release more glucose and fatty acids, which is of course counterproductive when you want to lose weight. In addition, too much cortisol is also protein catabolic. In simple words: muscle building is made difficult. This means that more fat is stored, and muscle growth is inhibited – twice as bad for your weight loss! Therefore, you should not only take care of your health to minimise stress factors and achieve mental health in addition to physical health, but also to facilitate your weight loss.

Ashwagandha contains so-called adaptogens. These work extremely well against stress and anxiety. As your stress level decreases, your body’s performance logically increases, and you can lose weight more easily. Ashwagandha can help balance your blood sugar levels, and your body releases less cortisol.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is made from ground chilli pods. It is made from the ‘cayenne’ chilli sort and was used almost six hundred years ago to flavour and replace black pepper, for example. The name is misleading, because cayenne pepper is not sourced from a pepper plant, but from chilli peppers that belong to the nightshade family. The botanical name of the cayenne pepper is Capsicum frutescens.

The ingredient that makes cayenne pepper so hot is called capsaicin. This substance is a real all-rounder. For example, capsaicin can lower blood sugar levels and is an exceptionally good antioxidant. In addition, the consumption of hot spices stimulates the release of endorphins and can thus strengthen the mind.

Because cayenne pepper is extremely hot, the body temperature is increased. As a result, the metabolism is boosted and fat burning increases as well.

Furthermore, cayenne pepper, or rather the capsaicin contained therein, can curb the appetite.


Cinnamon is able to lower both blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The positive effects on blood sugar levels were scientifically proven almost twenty years ago. So, there is no doubt about that. However, this usually requires regular daily intake over a longer period of time, at least over two to three weeks.

Cinnamon can furthermore boost your metabolism. A teaspoon of cinnamon a day – whether in a sweet dish such as porridge, or simply plain – is very beneficial to health and weight loss and tastes delicious too. Cinnamon keeps the insulin level low and thereby fat reserves are reduced. With a high insulin level, on the other hand, the body would hold on to the fat cells since they would not have to be removed for energy.


For those who want to lose weight and stay slim, it is particularly interesting that rosemary can balance the estrogen balance and reduce an excess of this hormone. It also regulates the blood sugar level because the rosemary breaks down carbohydrates more slowly and therefore causes the blood sugar level to rise only in moderation. Rosemary can also help against water retention in the body, which does not burn fat, but is useful for reducing the overall body size.

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